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31 December 2013 @ 03:12 pm
ATS Season Five  
Just a snippet that came to mind.

He knows where she is.  He won’t tell me. He is always saying she isn’t
for me, but she isn’t for him either. He can’t love her the way he wants. 
It drives him a little bit crazy so he torments me to ease his pain. He
mocks the affection she might have for me.  He belittles it because
if he admits its real then he will have to admit she has moved on
from him. He clings to the idea she is going to come to him some
day in the future.  Will she?  Or has she moved on from both of us?
I may not have her, but then neither does he. 

So for now, I’ll try to be the type of man she could admire and might
grow to love some day.  I fight the good fight with no reward.  Why? 
Because the only reward I want is her respect. I know I might never
be blessed with that so I live my unlife in a way I think she would
want me to do.  You know for justice…and for the safety of puppies….
and Christmas, right? 

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